cryptic quest

I made a short animated homage
to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
with my brother Arthur Shaw, for Extra Bones'
residency Cryptic Quest at InSitu in Deptford.
I did the visuals and he did the soundtrack.

We showed it on an old beat up TV,
the kind that teens used to have in
their bedrooms with stickers all over it.
Some were already there - fruit stickers,
one that said EVIL, but I made some
more Zelda related ones and stuck
them on too.

There was lots of cool stuff
being shown shown during the residency
- the results of some workshops run by
Andrew Kerr and Jono Allen and
an amazing interactive game projected
on the wall made by Andrew Dennison
which gave the residency it's name.
Here's a snap of it (pink photo).
Andrew Kerr did the little pictures
that illustrated it.

some of my earliest initial ideas: