To continue my quick recap of a few things I did in the summer, here are some photos of the exhibition I had in a pub. It was part of the one-night-only pub crawl I organised for and during Camberwell Arts Festival which included the aforementioned exhibition, a screening of six short films at The Stormbird and a performance by Sophie Taylor in the club style at the Hermit's Cave.

In the top picture you can see a little projection, shown on my grandpa's magic lantern. He died earlier this year and I got it so it was nice to use it. It was the hottest thing in the world. Temperature-wise. The slides I projected were drawn in greasy pencil onto small cut-out squares of acetate. A few weeks earlier I spent an evening in a pub drawing them and there was a deaf stag do.

I also designed a series of beer mats which were in use at all three pubs. There was a fourth beer mat that was supposed to be for the Bear free house, but they didn't like it because they thought it would make them look like a gay pub.

Here is the video that inspired me to put on Sophie's performance. It's from A Little of What You Fancy - a documentary about the music hall tradition in London.